Live Sound & Production

Performing Arts Centers / Theaters

    With 20+ years in the wings, Audio Incorporated is qualified to offer definitive expertise, equipment, and specialized support for musical, theatrical, and multi-media performance events. We specialize in accommodating the unique acoustical demands of theaters and performance halls, old and new, of all shapes and sizes. Every production is reinforced with nothing less than the highest caliber of sound and professional service in the trade when working with Audio Incorporated.


Audio Incorporated has been building lasting relationships with houses-of-worship throughout the New Jersey and New York area for well over a decade. We can be relied on to make every event and celebration sound its best because we listen carefully to our clients’ needs, ask the right questions, and pay meticulous attention to details. Meeting the diverse demands of sanctuaries and chapels, multipurpose facilities, and performance halls is a strength – and a tradition – at Audio Incorporated.


As the prime audio resource for schools and local organizations throughout the New Jersey, Audio Incorporated is proud to cover all aspects of sound in our neck-of-the-woods. Our services range from sound reinforcement for plays, events, and graduations, to complete sound system outfitting for auditoriums and recreation centers. With Audio Incorporated, you can have professional-quality sound without sacrificing hometown trust.

Installed Sound & Consulting


Improvement to the acoustics of the surrounding space – rather than the sound system itself – can often make all the difference to the sound of a room.  For example, the addition of strategically positioned wall panels which absorb, refract, or reflect sound can change the character of a space and make it more “musical” to the ear.  Our engineers have the tools and the training to identify the source of your room’s acoustic problems and work with you to generate the right plan and remediate these issues. 

On-Site Troubleshooting

The Audio Incorporated team includes technicians specializing in a wide variety of audio disciplines, enabling us to solve many problems and perform a wide array of repairs and programming on-site.  In the hands of the right technician, many problems can be solved on the first visit to your site.


As the prime audio programming resource for various corporate entities throughout the greater New York area, Audio Incorporated realized at an early stage the importance of becoming an influential resource to those manufacturers in the forefront of audio innovation. As a result, Audio Incorporated has the bandwidth to consult on everything from the engineering of a system to the actual commissioning and activation of the final project.

Networked Audio & Complex Systems

Large-Scale Boardrooms

Large-scale boardrooms are an Audio Incorporated specialty.  We rise to the challenges that come with difficult conference room scenarios, often integrating over 100 microphones to deliver a flawless presentation.  At Audio Incorporated, we add years of sound experience to the cutting edge of technology, bringing you the best of all worlds.

Multi-disciplinary AV Consulting

We provide specialized consulting to AV Consultants, AV Integrators and Architects.  As a multi-disciplinary AV consulting firm, we have the scope of knowledge and experience to be the crucial partner component for successful audiovisual installations no matter how complex the project.  Our expert engineers incorporate thorough knowledge of manufacturers’ systems and products to work closely with all project team members during the planning, integration and execution phase.